Monday, August 29, 2011


What a beautiful week! (Except Yesterday)!

Tuesday we spent all day out on Cumberland Head Peninsula.  It was gorgeous!  (see pictures near lake).  We also found some great people out there to try back.  One was a cool guy who ordered a BOM 5 years ago, read it, and liked it.  So we hope to get back in there next week when he his home.

Thursday we had a great lesson with Carin watching Finding Faith In Jesus Christ and talking about the scriptures and prayer.  She invited us over to her house for dinner, which is a huge step!  So we are excited for Friday.

We also started teaching a former investigator, John. He is so cool.  He already owns a quad and loves reading every night a little bit.

We are going to be helping Mrs. Edmund stop smoking this week!  It will be fun, and she is excited!

Saturday we helped out at a fundraiser to help family with kids who have cancer.  It is called Run for John.  John was the Relief Society's President's son that died at age 16 or so.  It was an awesome event with about 350 people there.  Really good people.

Sunday it was raining and windy all day long.  Apparently the hurricane did hit us, but it was only 50mph when it did.  So some lost power, and many trees are down.  But, nothing too bad, as compared with down south.  We did not do too much work in the rain (it was coming down so hard), but we still managed to get to 2 appointments that night.  It was still raining when I went to bed, but this morning was again sunny!  The water level has gotten so high!

Have a great week!  I can't beleive it is September!

Love you all,

Elder Shurtz