Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Coming Home!

It is still surreal that it is near the end... yesterday we had my last fun day of actual proselyting, today is P-day, and I have 3 hours left of proselyting this evening.  The last thing I we have is an appointment with the Brittons.  Then tomorrow morning I need to be in Utica by 9:30 because the missionary I am getting a ride from is training.  Then we receive our final training from President Bulloch and the next day we have to be to the airport at 5 am, (then hours of flying, and I assume layovers)

This past week we picked up a new investigator named Nelson who is now living with some members.  He is a good guy, and is open to learning.  They will have a second meeting with him on Wednesday.

We also had a lesson with the Brittons and then had a church tour with them on Sunday (did not come to church).  They are so hesitant about it, and we are having a hard time getting members to work with us... :(

I have been reflecting on the past two years, and I hope I have changed!  lol.  I hear it is more noticeable once you get back, especially as you apply what you have learned.
I'm excited to be on the other-side of missionary work, and help out the missionaries from the member's side of things.

I am excited to see you all, and excited for what is ahead.  I know I have made many mistakes on my mission, but I hope what I have done is acceptable to the Lord.

I love you all, and I will see you (or a lot of you) Thursday night!

Elder Shurtz