Monday, October 4, 2010


My new view of the world

Dear Everyone,
Wasn't Conference amazing!  I loved what President Monson spoke about (both Priesthood and Saturday Morning) about choices (the three R's - Right, Responsibility, & Result) and gratitude which Elder Holland also spoke about.  I also loved it how President Monson called people to missionary services right at the beginning of conference.
This week has been packed full!  I can't believe what has all happened in the last week!  Monday night around 10:13, President Bulloch called, but we missed the phone call because we were helping Jeannette, our neighbor with her eye drops.  So we waited for morning to call.  Tuesday morning the President informed us of a missionary coming out late because of medical reasons, and he wanted Elder McCleve to train him.  We thought we were going to be in a threesome, but instead President asked me to be emergency transferred.  So Wednesday night the President dropped of the new missionary, and took me to my new area.  I am now working with two elders, Elder Potter and Jensen in the area/town of Onieda (about 45-60 minutes east of Syracuse).
Where to begin... the town is small, mostly farm land.  We have a branch with about 30 active members.  Elder Potter has been out for a little over a year and is a great example of sacrifice and diligence.  He has been memorizing a scripture a day and is now on his 300-something-another scripture.  He is a farm boy for Utah.  Elder Jensen is from a air force base in Japan.  He is a hard worker.  He has autism, and is quite a blessing to be able to come out.  He had to do a mini-mission for 3 months before he could come out for the full time.  He is a sweet guy, and is teaching me how to love and have patience.  I am also in the Rome/Utica zone, so Elder Call (my trainer) is my zone leader!  It is sweet!  I have not yet talked to him, but it will be fun to associate with him again.
We have a car!  or i should say a van!  We are allowed to use the mission 12 passenger van when it is not in use.  We call is Shamoo.  It is huge and bulky, but it works!
I love the view here!  It is magnificent!  This week the leaves will probably completely change, and we will have to take some sweet pictures.  Yesterday we were tracting in the middle of no-where and we rang the door bell, then knocked on the door when no one answered.  We were about to leave again, but I felt like we needed to ring the bell again.  In doing so a young single mom with three kids came to the door.  We shared with her our testimony how the gospel of Jesus Christ will bless her family as it has ours.  She was interested and we have an appointment with her Wednesday night.
We also had an investigator come to Sunday afternoon conference!  Her name is Hope, and she is a sweet lady.  She has a little bit of a learning disability, but is one of the sweetest ladies, and always brings a smile to everyone's face.
Well I hope everyone is doing great and enjoyed conference as much as I did!  Have a great week!
Elder Shurtz