Monday, November 15, 2010

Tract (n): a continuous expanse of land [Webster]

Tract (n): a continuous expanse of land [Webster] - Tracting (verb): two guys in white shirts and ties going door to door which seems like a continuous expanse of land [Elder Shurtz]
This week has been amazing!  We had Zone Conference of Thursday.  It was my second one so far (we only have it every other transfer now, and we had a all-mission conference last transfer).  The Lord truly does work by revelation. 
Brent mentioned in his letter to me that the high council has been talking about the Handbooks, and how they are suppose to be more condensed and gives more opportunity (or agency) for revelation on the local level.  It seems like this is what the whole church is gearing towards!
President Bulloch keeps sharing when he got set apart as a Mission President, Elder Scott told him to 'trust his missionaries.'  It seems like every time we receive guidance from him, this is was he mentions.  He has also been pondering on how we as a mission can keep the work progressing, and of course he came back to the advice to trust his missionaries.  He and Sister Bulloch just got back from a yearly Mission President seminar.  The general authorities mentioned to 'rip up' any rules in the mission that are added upon the white handbook (except for those made to adapt to the culture).  It seems like every mission has the written and the unwritten rules (like only MOTAB or Hymns).  The President and the general authorities are guiding the church to a new level it seems like.
As we have greater 'agency' of choice, we can gain greater faith through the righteous acts of that agency.  Through greater faith, greater things happen, for Faith is Power. 
Thus the added rules are officially 'ripped up.'  The church has also authorized mission presidents to allow all missionaries the ability to TXT on cellphone now for missionary purposes.  This will help so much!  So many people we have trouble contacting, are so much easier to keep in contact through TXTing.
We are excited to use are new found 'agency' in faith to see a marvelous work and a wonder take place in the New York Utica Mission.
We had a huge discussion on Faith.  Often Elder Potter and I ask each other 'why do we doubt?'  President led us into the gym where he had a string tide to the basketball hoop with a weight at the bottom (creating a pendulum type thing).  We talked about the 'laws of physics' and how they are true principles, that both gravity and friction will not allow the weight to reach the same height as the release point of it is just dropped, with no other acting forces.  We all agreed it was true.  Then he had some of us (I was one) stand with the weight to our chin, and let the weight drop without moving our chin.  Do we still have that 'faith' in laws are true when that weight is coming back at you?  It was so sweet!  (I did not move :)
Faith is Power
Love is the motive
Obedience is the price
The Spirit is the key
The Restoration is the message
The Members are the means
Christ is the reason
Baptism is the way
Joy is the reward
Elder Shurtz
PS - Elder Potter's cousin said a fun little thing in his email:
The Church is True; The Book is Blue; and Jesus is a Mormon