Monday, August 22, 2011

Preach My Gospel Class

Greetings from the other side of the United States!

It has been a relatively cool week.  Highest it ever got was in the 80's & lowest in the 50's.

We could not meet up with Carin again this week. (GRRRRRR)  but we will see her Thursday.  We are also trying to get her and the member she aids to the Preach My Gospel class that we are teaching Tuesday nights.  That will be a fun twist with a non-member there!

The class was awesome on Tuesday.  A member commented on how she has been in the church for 40-something years, and how she never realized the spiritual and social conversion needed and the vital role members play in that.  So I hope it is helping and we can get as many members as we can through it.

Yesterday we taught the second lesson in Sunday School centering around how to talk about the church and following the simple steps of Listen, Share, Testify, and Invite.  I'm going to send some of the articles we are using.  President has given us permission to use computers to prepare for the classes.

We started teaching a college kid named Ben last Wednesday.  He seems awesome, and has a good head on his shoulders.  He said he is 'kinda excited' to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  He has always had an interest in learning about different religions, so we had a great discussion with him.  We see him again tonight, so hopefully things go well. 

Other than that, It has been a slow week.  We put in a lot of miles on our bikes.  We did about 27 miles on Saturday.  We sleep good at night!

Yesterday it started raining really hard.  I took some pictures, which are included as well.  The bridge has just re-opened and is so awesome!  It saves us about 7 minutes of bike-riding from our apartment and church.  It has been closed for the last month or so.  When the rain really hit, we had to take shelter in a high school football ticket booth which was luckily open so we could keep ourselves from getting completely soaked and so we could dump the water out of our shoes.

The other picture is of us with the Senior Couple, the Bradley's, and Peck.  Peck is from China, investigating the church in California, and came here for little summer schooling and sightseeing.  He has such an awesome personality.  He left today and is going to Maine for a little while, then going back to California.  We had dinner with the Bradley's and him last night (YUMMMM).  He will be missed by the branch.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Shurtz