Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Hello, Hello, Hello!

It snowed a little, but disappeared this week.  Yesterday was warm and raining.  It has been a great week teaching!  But not so much finding.
We have taught Luetta and Timothy majority of the lessons.  Luke we have taught a bit, but we are not sure where the parents are in all of this, so we might be pushing his date back a week or two.  A week from this Wednesday we are going on exchange with Zone Leaders and we will be doing interviews then.  Our goal is to have Luetta, Timothy, and (hopefully) Luke ready for the interview then.

Luetta agreed to be baptized in December!

Lareasa Hildebrand is getting baptized this Saturday at 5!  She is such a sweet lady!  It is interesting because I did not really teach her.  Elder Stanton and Elder Danells-Brown found and taught her, then the Ghizes helped her through the past couple of months and now she is ready!

We showed up at Luke's house on Wednesday for an appointment.  Grandma was there with older son, so we came in and started teaching.  Parents came home, and got a little mad at us.  Apparently, we had a miscommunication on the day of the appointment.  (Yikes!)

Timothy is doing awesome!  Last week we talked about the gathering of Israel in Priesthood (first time in Priesthood) which was a little over his head.  Then this time we talked about the signs of the second coming.  Coming from a Southern Baptist background, he felt right at home with that topic!  He is excited about it all, and on Tuesday we are going to talk to him and his wife more about the temple and getting them going on the 'next step,'  I hope I will keep in contact with them, and maybe be able to go to the temple with them in a year.  An Elder can dream you know.

Yesterday we had 5 people at church (everyone we have a baptismal date with)!  It was a great day.

I am so thankful for the great love our father has for us.  Tomorrow I am training on companionship unity and working together to overcome our weaknesses.  I am so grateful that the Lord helps us through our imperfections.  I realized more and more the many scars I have. 

Have a great thanksgiving!  I will be with wonderful families enjoying the Holiday.

I love you all!

Elder Shurtz