Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Flies When You are in the Service of the Lord!

Hello Family!

The weeks go by so fast!  Last Monday we started teaching a lady named Mary.
She is a home nurse who we met while she was on the job.  We came
back Monday night, and she let us right in and we taught her about the
Restoration.  She said 'I think I will just have to come and try it
out!'  She is going to try and come this Sunday.  It will be

We also stopped by Jen's house.  She is a lady who is going through some hard
times in her family.  She is Jewish, but never was sure what to believe in
life.  She knew a little about Jesus Christ.  We came back Thursday
and had a good lesson with her.  She really liked understanding what
the sacrament and baptism are all about; especially how it relates to
Jewish ceremonies in the Old Testament.

Tuesday we had a good lesson with Daniel, talking about the Plan of
Salvation.  He knows a lot about religion, thus he can get
confused with what everyone says.  But he likes the Book of Mormon,
and believes it is of God.  We also watched with him the "Prophet of
the Restoration" video, which he really liked.

After district meeting on Tuesday we went on a two night blitz with
Endicott and Binghamton elders.  It was a blast.  They have some good
things going on.  We went tracting Wednesday morning, and a lady answered
and let us right in.  She knew some Mormons in Utah, and she is
Catholic, but has a hard time with faith and some of the commandments.
 It was funny because she is a book editor, so we was correcting my
bad grammar the whole time we were talking ;).  She is going to let
them come back.

Friday we went to the Food Bank and did some service, packing over one
ton of donated candy from Valentine's Day and Easter.  It was CRAZY.  But
afterwards the Lions Club members invited us for lunch at
Friendlies.  It was a good lunch!  No one was too
interested in hearing the gospel, even though most of them knew some Mormons.

We also met with Chocolate's grandkids again, and we are hoping they
will be ready for baptism by next month.

Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church.  Awesome!  Then we also
had a lesson with Jim Mallory.  He heard that we don't drink or
smoke, so he doesn't like that too much, but we are still slowly
making progress with him.

Today we are going to go golfing!  It is going to be great!  I hope to
include pictures next time.

Also we are working on a poster for  I will send a copy,
even though we still haven't gotten approval yet. We don't know if it breaks any
copyright laws.  So don 't be sending it to people!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Shurtz