Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Day!

Well, I am here!
We haven't done much so far today, but they just wanted us to write a quick message to family. 
It has been so amazing so far though.  At two this morning, an elder from Mexico (who knows no english) got in and was my temporary companion.  So far we are touring the place and I wont figure out who is my MTC companion is till latter today.  Most of the people I am with are international elders and sisters who are required to get here even earlier.  But hearing their testimonies, even in a different language... I am so going to enjoy it here.
The Salt Lake Temple was amazing!  Clayton and I had such a great experience.  It is so beautiful, inside and out.
I love you all.  Miss you, but I am so happy I am here.  Heavenly Father loves us, and has blessed us with gifts beyond our imagination.  It is because of God's love and our desire to become like Him in likeness, we are here to serve our brothers and sisters.  Keep us missionaries in your prayers, for you are in mine.


Princess101654 said...

Elder Shurtz: I was really touched by your talk in Church before you left. I know you are going to be a wonderful missionary and will bring many into the fold. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sister Van Hoven