Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last one from the MTC!

A friend who was familiar with the church once asked why would the church ask young people to leave their family for two years with little family contact when it seems so family oriented.  I knew the answer in my heart, but i did not know how to express it at the time.  then i heard a great answer this week:
My family is sealed together for eternity.  And the Lord has asked us to take two years out of eternity so that other families may enjoy the same blessings and live together forever.  Two years out of eternity is but a blink of an eye, and I am so glad I am in the middle of it.
Thanks everyone for your letters and your's!  the dearelders is nice because it comes the same day to the mailbox, which my companion as the district leader and I check 2-3 times a day.  Thank you dad, especially, for the brownies!  Everyone is eating them up, and I feel like I am getting fat!  But, tomorrow is gym, so I might go for a run.
MTC is wonderful.  they have been fixing the AC, so it has been a lot better now.  Last week we had Elder Hales for the devotional.  It was amazing!  The spirit was so strong.  He talked about light and darkness and how it was important for us to work with those who can recognize this light.  It was so powerful and so what i needed to hear at the time.  it was literally an answer to my prayers.
Our district came up with this amazing game to play in our dorm with beach balls, feet, and bed sheets.  I will have to send pictures of it later.  I cannot send pictures by email till i get on my mission.
Yesterday my companion and I went to a teacher who acted like a Buddhist and taught him about the restoration.  It was hard!  But we will see him again for another appointment on Thursday and teach him about families along with a portion of the plan of salvation; which i think he will enjoy because he is just about to get married and has questions about how to raise his family.
Tomorrow, my district has been asked to host which is to help the new missionaries get settled, which will be really sweet!  I'm excited we will have this opportunity.  It was only two weeks ago when I got here, now I'm suppose to help someone else around.  Go figure!
We got our flight itinerary!  I leave the MTC at 4 in the morning and my flight leaves at 7:10 from SLC to Chicago and then to Syracuse getting in at 3:25PM where we will be meeting our mission president.  I have been made travel leader, so I have to make sure everyone gets on the plane and the elders behave (sisters are always wonderful).  But, it will be great!
There is rumor that the prophet might be showing up tonight for devotional because the new mission residences should be getting here.  But I doubt it; I think he will be here that Tuesday we leave, so we will barley miss him.
I love the 5th chapter in the book of Jacob.  He is recounting the tame and wild olive tree allegory.  Read verse 70-74.  WE ARE THE OTHER SERVANTS.  WE ARE FEW, BUT WE HAVE THE MASTER OF THE VINEYARD TO HELP.  It is really the Lord that does the preparation.  But, he gives each of us the opportunity to have joy in helping other come unto Christ.
Love you all,
Elder Shurtz
PS - I might not be able to email next week because of travailing, but we will see.  I will try to call home Tuesday morning at the airport.  I will call the house number!  Love you all.  Katie, I love you so much.  Have a great summer and a wonderful trip!