Monday, July 26, 2010

Water, Road, and Sweat

Hey Everyone!

I have only a short time to write. But thank you for all your letters and emails! Sounds like the girls had fun on their trip, and everyone is doing great! Congratulations to Erin! BOY!

Ryan's Baptism went amazing! The spirit was strong, and he had a lot of family members there who are not members. Elder Call had the opportunity to baptize him, which he loved (being his first baptism as a missionary). It is amazing to see the difference in somebodies life after they are baptized. Elder Call and I are so happy for him. Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting Bishop Fairbank Confirmed him. I think he will do great, and I hope he continues to progress.

This Saturday, we have Ruth planned for baptism, so it is an exciting time right now. She is so excited, proclaiming (and singing) as she is leaving the church parking lot: "I'm gonna be a Mormon! I'ma gonna be a Mormon!"

Elder Call and I are now trying to find more people to teach to replace those that are getting baptizeed. We are trying to focus on this week as one of our goals is to work more with the members. I am excited to try and work at this, and find new people to meet and teach.

So Wednesday: I totally biffed it on my bike and 'superman' it on the concrete. I am fine, but now a pair of my pants are ripped (beyond repair). So we will have to get another pair this week sometime.

Friday, I had return and report which signifies the one month in the field. I was able to see everyone from my MTC District and we had a great training from the AP's and President Bulloch. It was great to see everyone, but weird seeing them too. They seem to have all changed so much, and I wonder if that is what is happening to me too.

Serving a mission is such a blessing and I am so thankful to be out here. I love reading Alma 17-26 as a missionary! It is a perfect example! and you can learn so much on applying principles.

Sorry for such a short week. Hope everyone has a good one. I love you all, and hope to be able to write more to you, both on paper and email. One thing I noticed this week is how much God loves us and I testifies that he does.


Elder Shurtz