Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey Everyone! It is transfer week, so apparently P-days are on Tuesday. Elder Call and I are both surprised with transfer calls: Elder Call is going to Rome and becoming a Zone Leader! He is going to do great. He has only been out for 7-8 months, but he his personality and his drive is what i think will make him a great zone leader. I am staying in Syracuse and Elder McCleave** (i don't know how to spell his name yet) is coming. We will be switching tomorrow.

Last week was an amazing week! We are finding we have little time for finding because we are struggling to fit in enough time to teach everyone! It is a testimony to me that the Lord hand's are in all things. Elder Call and I have been working hard to talk to people and find people to teach. Last week we found 3 new investigators, and just yesterday we found 3 more! A sweet Porto Rico lady by the name of Jannet with our first visit with her accepted a baptismal date! She is amazing! Her favorite book in the bible is Isaiah, and when we told her about Joseph Smith, she said she knows it to be true because the spirit has testified that to her. She puts God first in her life, and she is excited!

Also yesterday, when we were seeing an investigator found her at her neighbors, and the neighbors basically said without asking she wants to become a Mormon! Apparently her mother and daughter are both members in a different state, and she has seen how they have both changed, and how wonderful the church is. Her husband is also interested in learning more. I am so excited to go back and teach them about how through Jesus Christ, life can change, and bring happiness.

Ruth's baptism went amazing! I had the opportunity to perform the baptism (my first time!). It was a sweet experience. The program went wonderful, and the spirit was strong. Elder Call performed the Confirmation the next day at church.

Sister Vest (Mom) had a "greeny" meal for me yesterday. EVERYTHING WAS GREEN. She is so great, and serves everyone!

This work is amazing! I love being out here. Not because of the location (though that is nice too) but mainly because of what we are doing here. We meet a lot of people, and people in Syracuse are (more a good part) friendly. It is such a blessing to watch the changing affects in someones eyes and pose as they accept the gospel into their lives, both investigators, non-investigators, and members. Everyone is an investigator (including members) - some are just farther along than others.

Have a great week!


Elder Shurtz

Renae, had a good idea! I spend about half of my time reading all the emails I get, so maybe try sending more snail mail every once in awhile, instead of email. But whatever works for everyone! Thanks!


charlene adams said...

I am so please to hear that you are having such wonderful experiences. We keep you in our daily prayers and think of you often. PREACH, TEACH, BAPTIZE!!! We love you Elder Shurtz. The Adams's