Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day in the Life

A day in the life as a missionary:
-wake up at 6:29; pray.
-throw on some sweats, and go running.  (This morning it at 8 degrees
and we had some twilight!)
-throw a note card with a scripture on it in ziplock and memorize it
while taking a shower
-listen to your companion sing hymns in the shower (slightly off tune
:) as your trying to decide which tie you will wear today (of course
it has to match your outfit)
-eat instant oatmeal and pop tarts as your reading from the Book of Mormon
-frantically try to study all your questions in an hour of personal study
-figure out how and practice teaching those we will be teaching that day
-rush out the door at 10:00 after prayer, throwing on coats, boots,
hats and gloves.
-stand behind our 12-passenger van as your companion is backing it up.
-travel around, dressed in black, in a big van all around town,
getting out an knocking on peoples doors .  (scary to some people;
unsure why...)
-walk, talk, and knock the majority of the day.
-teach an awesome lesson
-walk, talk and knock
-pray with people on the streets and on their doorsteps
-invited into random people's homes.
-get slobbered by the dogs (don't forget the dog hair)
-stand behind the van as your are turning around
-eat lunch and dinner sometime in there.
-find someone awesome to teach
-find someone
-get back to the apartment at 9
-plan for the next day
-crawl up the stairs
-brush teeth (with my new tooth brush:)
-write in journal
-pray and bed

Jaymie and Alicia (I guess I have been spelling it wrong) have been

doing great (or at least spiritually).  Alicia had her tonsils pulled
out on Tuesday, and there might be an infection so she is not feeling
too good at the moment.  They did not come to church because of it.
Jaymie told us on Friday though that when the people at the Hospital
asked her what her religion is she said 'Mormon!'  We did meet with
them Monday and Friday.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jaymie is starting 2 Nephi and loves to read
from the Book of Mormon.

We met with Hope on Saturday, and she can to church on Sunday!  I have

never seen a person with more 'bad luck' than her.  But she is a
strong woman.  She is a blessing and example in my life.

We are in a need to find more people to teach!  We are only teaching 4

people at the moment (Jaymie, Alicia, Hope, and Heather).  But, we
have Zone Conference this Wednesday, so that might give us the extra
boost we need.

The church is coming out with a new campaign in advertisements: 'I am

Mormon'  It focuses a lot on people getting to know members, even by
the internet.  Members can put a profile on and talk about
their life as well as answer questions that frequently asked.  We have
new cards to hand out and everything.  As missionaries we are asked to
get on the computer for an hour during the week and study
as well the advertisements the church are using.  We do this so we can
direct people we meet to certain profiles and movies which we are
inspired to give.  We can also use it so people can meet some of the
members in the area; especially when there are very few of us
relatively on the east coast.  Helps people to see we do not dress in
white shirt and ties all day, going around knocking on people's doors.
It allows us to address misconceptions, like Jen was talking about in
her email.

So the challenge for each of you is to go to and create a

Also check out some other profiles and movies, in addition checking out
some advertisements the church is using at:

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Brother/Son/Friend in Christ,

Elder Shurtz