Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Transfer Calls!

Elder Robinson and I are together for anther 6 week! Oneida has been the longest area so far. I was in Syracuse for 14 weeks, and I am something like 18 or 19 weeks so far in Oneida. We are excited, though we got a lot to work on!

Monday-Wednesday of last week was full of appointments falling through and tracting; But Thursday we taught Hope, Jaymie, and two less-actives (every lesson with a member too!). Friday we met with Craig, and Brother French. And Saturday-Sunday was more appointments falling through and tracting. All-in-all, it felt like a good week; especially Sunday at church! We had a good turn out at church. Even President and Sister Bulloch came to visit!

Hope came to church! (first time in 6 weeks) We hope to keep working with her. We meet with her almost every Thursday. She is ready and wants to be baptized, but she just have to wait a bit and work with the family a bit as well. But, I am sure things will work out.

We also had Jaymie come to church too! She also brought her 12 year-old daughter, Ashley. Jaymie could not stay all three hours, but Ashley did! Ashley went with Victoria, President Colbert's 12-year-old daughter who goes to the same school, to Sunday School and YW.

Yesterday, the day after church, we had a lesson with Jaymie, and Ashley joined us as well. We were trying to figure out what to teach them all week, and decided to review the restoration because it 'felt right.' Then, when making a lesson plan we felt silent prompting to focus a little more on the dispensation/apostasy cycle. It end up, that is exactly what Jaymie needed to hear! She said she was feeling uncomfortable about the whole Joseph Smith thing, but after realizing that there is this cycle and Joseph Smith is but one of the prophets God has called to restore truth, she became excited. It was amazing to see the 'light' in Jaymie's eyes and how happy her daughter was. The spirit works within us, sometimes when we don't even notice it! It was so awesome to feel like Jaymie had a stronger direction, peace, and joy, as from other past lessons. We had President Colbert and Victoria (12-year-old daughter) with us for the lesson. It was so awesome! We had both Jaymie and Ashley pray. The spirit was so strong. Ashley is going to YW this Wednesday night, and to Rome this Saturday for YM/YW ice sculpting with the stake. We just need to talk to the father more now, but I am confident in the arm of the Lord, what ever happens, he has a purpose.

After our lesson, we went out to a small town and started talking to the Amish and the Mennonites (sorry if I spelled it wrong!) for a few hours. They are so cool! Yesterday they say it dropped down to negative nine degrees where we were. It is cold out here! I hope everyone has a good week.
I love ya! Elder Shurtz