Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So much has happened!

It's so cold here!

It has been an exciting week!
We met with Jaymie and Alicia on Wednesday and Friday.  They are loving it all.  It is creating a little bit of contention in the home with the father.  But, he has come to church and a volley-ball activity.  So we will see what happens.  Jaymie is supper strong and Alicia is loving church and the youth activities.
We also met with Hope on Thursday to help her prepare for her interview tomorrow.  We are so excited for her.  Yesterday we got some of the branch members, including some youth, to help shovel off the snow on her roof.  with ten of us it took us a little over an hour, and she was just going to do it by herself!  She said: 'I have never had so much help before, ever in my life!'  It was so amazing to see the smile on her face.  The branch is trying to make a special effort to fellowship with her, despite the lack of numbers and the many responsibilities they already have.

Would you let these guys into your home?
We also found a new investigator, Brian. We are excited to meet with him again.  have an appointment with him tonight at the church.
We had dinner with Brother and Sister French (less-actives) and with Elder and Sister Rieldbeck who works at the mission home and comes to our branch.  It was a great opportunity to fellowship.  Sister French goes into surgery this week, for her leg/foot (she has diabetes) and the branch is going to provide meals (even Jaymie signed up to help!)
I sure miss those cats at home!

Saturday, our car (Shamoo) got stuck in a ditch [Elder Robinson was driving :)].  We spent three hours talking to farmers and even calling the branch president with his truck.  But we could not get it out.  So we had to call a tow truck.  Got it out around 6:30 at night.  So that was an exciting evening.  We did find someone who said we could come back and share our message with them; so who knows, maybe it was meant to be!  :) 
Hope, Jaymie, and Alicia (with Jaymie's little girl, Bella) came to church!  Hope had to leave after the first hour, but Jaymie, Alicia, and Bella stayed for all three.  Bella, is not quite use to church for three hours, so 5 minutes left of the 3rd hour she had a melt down and they left early.  But, they are strong and will keep trying to come.  It will get easier as they continue coming.
Well I hope you have a wonderful week!  Happy Valentines Day!

It's pretty funny - now!

Shamoo - hopelessly stuck!