Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

I don't have too much time to write today, because the library is super busy.  So this is what happening in my life:
Hope, the night before her interview, called and canceled because her car broke down.  She also had a lot of stress and feeling scared so was not going to happen, even if we got her a ride.  She was not able to come to church ether.  But we met with her today.  Found that she is really concerned about family and what baptism will do.  So tomorrow, I hope to get her husband's cell number so I can talk to him about it.  It is never a dull moment.
Jaymie and Alicia are doing great!  Only Jaymie came to church because Alicia was sick.  Jaymie said that her husband would be interested lessening in!  So we have an appointment this Saturday.
Brian said he talked with his wife, and they are not interested in learning :(
But, we found two new investigators this week (Rick and Chuck).
Friday it was 60 degrees!  It was amazing!...  Then Saturday; cold, snow, high winds.  The road were closed, but we did not learn about that till we got back that night.  O well!  :)
I learned that I like electric ovens (Syracuse apartment) over gas ovens (Oneida apartment).  I made banana bread, and the outside is cooked, but the inside is gooey!
I finished reading the Book of Mormon again.  I also finished D&C.  I started both Dec 8th.  So now I am restarting the Book of Mormon, and rereading the New Testament.  I am so excited!  I love the New Testament and the Book of Mormon applies directly into our daily life.  Hope is reading now in Alma- she says that is her favorite book so far.
Jessi, a friend from BYU is taking a world religions class.  She reminded me of a scripture in Alma 29:8.  The Lord uses other faiths and religions for the benefit of the individuals.  We got to remember the Lords hand is in all, and he is going to help us as well as His other children come unto him.
Love you all,
Elder Shurtz