Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tis the Week!

Hope and I
I got a lot to cover in a few minutes!
So Saturday night I found out I am getting transferred.  I am heading to Saratoga Springs (North of Albany).  My Companion is Elder Stratton.  He has been out 2 transfers and was trained by my MTC companion, Elder Christensen.  I hear it is a great place.  I might even be back on the bikes (pray for me)!
I am sad to leave though.  Although I might have tracted almost all the streets in Oneida, I love working here.  I am sad I wont be able to work with Jaymie and her family, and Hope anymore!  but o' well, I guess that is the life as a missionary (Mission and church trip, Summer 2012???).  Off to meet new people!
I have not been able to talk to Hope's husband yet!  I am trying before I leave.  Things will work out for the best.
We had an amazing lesson with Jaymie's husband (Chris).  He thought it was so cool to see how God has always called prophets, which makes sense to him that there would be today.  Near the end of the lesson, he bowed his head, and said he needs more of God in his life.  The spirit was strong.  Jaymie was crying and telling how much this meant to her.  It was so beautiful.  He did not come to church on Sunday, but we (I guess Elder Robinson and Elder Gambler) have another appointment with him on Friday before a branch dinner.
Jaymie, Alicia and Hope came to church. (YAY!)
I got to get going, but hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Shurtz