Monday, March 14, 2011

Saratoga Springs in the Mud

Hello Family!

Things are going well.
 It has been raining and snowing all week, so it is super muddy and wet.

We met with Jonathan Swetish who is a husband of a member and he is planning on getting baptized on April 2nd (in-between conference) in Colorado Springs. They are in the navy and are moving to South Carolina, but have a month to see family in Colorado. He is an awesome person, who has a solid testimony of the restored gospel. We are excited for him and his family.

A lot of people here are in the Navy, so people are always moving in and out.

My Birthday was good. I enjoyed opening the packages and letters I received [yes Renae, I did get your packages in time ] (thank you all!). Elder Stratton made me a pancake breakfast and we went out and worked. I enjoyed it.

Tuesday we had our district meeting. The zone leaders (Elder Potter and Christensen) talked about finding, which is exactly where we are at in Saratoga right now. We don't have too many people in our teaching pool, so we are spending a lot of time finding. It becomes difficult to get anywhere when you have to work with the bus and walk. We do have wonderful members whom we go out with 4 nights a week, and others who are willing to give ride when we need them.

Elder McCleve is in the district! We talked about Syracuse. One part-member family got baptized who I tracted into with Elder McCleve. Also, Carlos and Star (boyfriend and girlfriend who we found as they were waiting for the bus) are being taught by the sisters in Syracuse and are getting married and planning on getting baptized! Exciting stuff!

We get fed sooo much. This week we have a dinner every night, except Friday I believe. I am going to get fat here, despite the many miles we walk a day.

We also had interview with President this week. He had us teach him the third lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with his wife. I love President and Sister Bulloch. They are so amazing.

Despite the hour of sleep lost, I was so happy yesterday when it was 7pm and it was light out! Spring will be amazing here in Saratoga.

We get a lot people talking to us about BYU Basketball, Jimmer (who grew up near here), and Honor Code. But, I have not seen it open any doors for us in the moment, though I'm sure it has for some.

I was reading a little Isaiah in 1 Nephi 20:10 > 'For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.' That is was this life on earth is about; the refining process. It is not 'will we go through trials?', but 'when we go through them, what will we gain, what residue will we remove from the pure gold of which we are?'

I love you. Thank you for your love and words which help me and support me through out the week.


Elder Shurtz