Monday, December 26, 2011

Stick Em!

We got a little snow on Wednesday, but the first time I used the shovel this year was this morning.  Only about an inch or so.  Crazy!  Last Christmas it was white; this one had a bit of green.  But, I'm not complaining!  It can stay as warm as it wants to.

It was a slower week.  But things have been turning out well.  We have found a few potential people this week we hope to start teaching this week or 'after the holidays.' 

Christmas Eve, we made some treats for some investigators, then tried some less-actives around town.  Then that night we went to the DeBucks for dinner with the Steimles.  It was awesome:  hot (spicy) enchiladas, green chilli, turkey, yummy goodness.

Then we went over the the Hakes home where they invited some less-actives, co-workers, Lorena and DaFrank, and us. The little kids did the nativity (reminds me of a faint memory of having the missionaries in our home for Christmas Eve and having them dress up as wise men).  We sang some songs, ate more dessert, and even learned how to 'stick' people with needles (a new Christmas tradition, I think).  Brother Hakes and his co-worker are both medics in the army and showed us/let us try it.  (pictures for proof)

Elder Simmonds and I ended our night with reading scriptures and drinking sparkling cider.

Christmas Morning we made waffles.  Good stuff! (Warning, don't run microwave and waffle iron on same circuit.  It will blow the fuse) [ride to the store: .2 miles. Replacement Fuse: $3.58.  Eating waffles in the dark on Christmas Morning: Priceless.  For everything else there's Master Card].

Then we had our personal study.  After that, we opened our stockings (Good Stuff!) and then went to church.

After church we had our companion study, opened gifts (Sweet!), went to the Steimle's for dinner with the Cramers (Timothy and Michele).  More good food!  More good dessert!
Watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas.  Visited a member and wished them a merry Christmas.  Came home.  Planned for the next day.  Called family.  Called district and zone leaders.  went to bed (after brushing my teeth).

This morning I did not want to run!  but we did anyway.  I'm excited to get back into it, and not have these 'weird' days.

I hope you are all doing well.  No food poisoning.  :)

Enjoy the week! and Happy New Year!

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