Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

We rang in the new year drinking sparkling cider as we planned for the following day, and going to bed at 10:30.  It was great!  :)

This week we found 6 new investigators through our tracting and contacting efforts.  It was a better week than I thought for the one right after the Christmas and before New Years.  One couple just had a their first baby a few days ago. 

Timothy gave the closing prayer for Sacrament yesterday!  Also, I hear we are finally getting a gospel principle teacher so we dont have to teach it anymore!  It will be good for people to listen to other people besides the missionaries in their home and at church.

We continue to meet with Luke.  His parents are not too ready to let him be baptized, but time should tell.  We talked about Captain Moroni and the title of Liberty.

We are still teaching Lorena and she is still working towards baptism. 

I cant believe I only have 5 months left.  It goes by fast!  I am excited for the good times ahead as we work here in Carthage.  It is amazing to see what the Lord has helped me do!

One theme for the new year I have been focusing on comes from Elder Holland talking about not living in the past, but to live for the future.  Don't vainly yearn for yester-years!

I love you all, hope you all have had a great few days in the year 2012!

Love, Elder Shurtz