Monday, January 16, 2012


The long-dreaded Winter has finally struck Carthage, New York.  It had rained a day or two, but Friday morning we woke up to rain that turned into a huge snow storm.  We had to cancel an awesome day up in the northern towns and work in Carthage.  We couldn't see as we walked around all day, but it was relatively warm despite the wind creating snow drifts that went up to our waist.  But, we found a young family to teach.  The husband's father is a southern Methodist minister, but is open to what we have to share, and is looking for a church in Carthage.

The next day was freezing, and Sunday was even colder.  Our car almost did not start Sunday morning in the -14 degree weather, and our odometer took a bit of time to work.  Luckily we had a good day planned.

Tuesday we had President Bulloch present the training.  Everyone was at the Carthage building (except the president and his wife).  With five minutes to go, I get a phone call from him saying they were in Watertown!  So we packed up and drove to them (25 minutes away) and started the district meeting a little late.  The focus this transfer is planning goal setting.  He talked about all of it.  Good stuff, hope to get it all down before I die. 

Wednesday we taught Luke (11 year-old).  Then we went to his house to talk to his father about baptism.  Was not too willing to talk about steps Luke could do so he could be baptized.  He wants Luke to be perfect, because he wants to be baptized.  So we don't know what to do other than to keep teaching him.

Thursday we met with Luetta.  She is doing awesome! She has lots of questions about the temple, and is curious about it, so we need to get our recent converts to the temple!  But, it seems to be little effort from ward leaders to get it organized.

Saturday we met with Mackenzie (9 year-old).  She is doing good.  Just need to get the family to church!  The mother normally has to work on Sundays, but tomorrow might be getting a promotion that will allow her to make her own schedule.

We also saw Ginger and her family (Olivia, Cody, & Sidney).  We watched the Restoration DVD, which I think helped them understand and visualize it better, and answer some questions.  Two of them work night-shifts, but we hope they will come to church this Sunday.

We had no one show up for church yesterday :( second week in a row.  But, we had the recently called Gospel Principles teacher teach on Sunday.  She was a little nervous, but did a great job.  I think she connected well with the women in the room (way better than I could ever do!)

We just learned that in March tons of people in the army are leaving for a month of training in Louisiana.  The whole bishopric, and many other ward leaders (almost all the priesthood) will be gone.  Can you imagine that?

There are some good potential investigators we will be seeing this week that we hope to start teaching.  Tonight we meet with a guy named Nathaniel at the church.  Good inquisitive guy, who is remodeling his house and seems to be just a good person.  We met him on Christmas Eve.

Things keep on going.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work.  Have a great week!  Love you all!

Elder Shurtz