Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February, Already?

We have not met with the Mennonites since our first meeting.  Maybe this week.  We are taking a break from Luke since his dad was not too happy about his baptism, and the family who is fellowshipping him will probably move in a few months.

Last Monday, President gave me a call.  Apparently there are 2 kids (over the age of 8) who want to be baptized in the Lowville area (which was closed this transfer) and 2-3 others who are 8 years old getting ready for baptism.  This Friday we will go down and meet with everyone, and see if we will work with them to help them get baptized.

Tuesday at district meeting I trained on using our time wisely.  It felt like there was a lot of silence, but it was a good discussion over all.  We also went tracting (in the middle of nowhere, on a street called Mylady Rd (Not to get confused with the adjacent street Milady Rd) and found an Emu!

Wednesday we had a lesson with Katrina (10 year old, with a date for the 18th).  It is going well.  We also met with them after church on Sunday.  She is a good reader, and can remember quite a bit.  The father is getting ready to baptize her.  YAY!

Thursday we picked up an old investigator named, Jack.  He is an older gentleman, who loves to think things through and figure it out.  We got him to pray for the first time with missionaries and read from the Book of Mormon.  We are excited to see him progress.

Saturday we saw Ginger and her family.  It is really hard for them to come to church because they work night shifts.  But they are coming along.  We took Timothy with us.  He did a great job in sharing his testimony.  I'm sad because his wife leaves tomorrow for basic training, and he leaves at the end of the week.  I saw him for the last time yesterday, and we both had to hold back tears.

Also something interesting that happened on Saturday, we had a lightning and thunder that shook the house as it was snowing!  The flash was super bright.  We were on base, and many of the army people freaked out a bit because it brought back memories of war. (Note to self: don't freak out army people!)

Our fifth Sunday Priesthood/Relief Society lesson was on the ward mission plan.  I think only a few people actually paid attention, and the rest fell asleep (I was leaning on the sleeping side).  Our ward mission leader is not a recruiting officer, that is for sure.  But hopefully as the leadership gets better, we will still be doing our job as missionaries.

Transfer calls were Saturday.  Elder Hale is coming up here to Carthage (it is his last transfer).  I am going down to Elmira (by the Pennsylvania border).  It is the farthest South I will have gone in the mission.  Syracuse was the 2nd farthest South, and it was in the central part of the mission.  I will be serving as a Zone Leader with Elder Duffin, who has been out one more transfer than I have (I have three left).

It will be sad leaving Carthage.  It is really a great area, with great people.

I love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Elder Shurtz

Brrrr!  It's cold in the sticks!

Emu!  How about you?