Monday, January 9, 2012

Enjoy the Time the Lord has Given Us!

It has been a good week.  With it reaching just below zero on Tuesday, the rest of the week has been fairly warm, with little snow, and a lot of green.

Wednesday we had a great training by the AP's on planning.  The Elders in Watertown said it has helped them change how they plan and set goals.  Tomorrow we have President Bulloch coming to our district meeting.

I also went on exchange with Elder Rymer in Watertown on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  We ended up helping this lady in her attic move everything out so they could spray insulation in the attic.  So, I was like dad in my suit moving stuff for a hour or two, half of it was squatting down so I don't stick myself with a nail sticking out of the low slanted ceiling.

Thursday I got back for a lesson with Lateasa.  She had some questions about Isaiah (who doesn't?) so we spent some time talking about that.  She is doing so well.  A great change has come over her!

Saturday we did our morning program at the church because the bishop asked us to fill up a font for a kid's baptism.  The mother went all out, and the food looked great!  I was drooling a little as we left before the baptism started, so we could get out and work.  We found 3 good potentials.  One just got back from Utah, and one of the first things she said as she opened to door 'they sent you didn't they!'  Apparently she was taking the lessons in Utah.  She said we could come back.  Then one of their neighbors was super friendly and said they would read the Book of Mormon.  We will check up on them in a few days.

Saturday night we met with Ginger and Olivia (found them last week) and started teaching two more family members in the household.  We set Ginger with a baptismal date for February.  Also, we might start teaching a ten year-old who wants to be baptized in February.

None of our investigators came to church yesterday :( but, we hope to have Ginger and a few others next Sunday.  Larena was in DC for training, and I'm not sure about Luke.  We also just got two Gospel Principle teachers!  That is going to be good.  Lateasa and some other recent converts are taking the Teacher Development class (I forgot what it is called).

Today it is nice and sunny with a few snow flakes.  I am not complaining.

Have a great week!  Enjoy the time the Lord has given us.

Elder Shurtz