Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week!

Tis the Season!  The question on my mind all week has been: Why have I been so blessed?  I can list all the things I am blessed with (Family, gospel, friends, people, ect...) but why?  Then I think about how important it is for me to share what I have been given, and maybe that is the reason why, so that I can share it with others...
Tuesday we found a sweet lady named Jaymie, who is excited and has been reading from teh Book of Mormon.  We are seeing her again tomorrow.
We saw Hope thursday.  She is going through a hard time (has not been able to come to church now for about a month) because of one good reason or another (car trouble, can't find anyone to babysit, ect...).  THis is a stressful time for her, and we are praying real hard everything will work out.
Friday we found another sweet lady.  Her name is Heather and she lives in a small town called Clockville.  Her father just passed about a week ago, and almost the first words out of her mouth was 'I have some questions for you!'  She asked a lot about life after death and where we think her father is.  She is an awsome lady.  She has not been too religious in the past, but says she has a desire to be baptized.  So we set a goal for Febuary 5, 2011.  We are seeing her for the secound time tonight.
Things are slowing down with the season, everyone is telling us to try back after the holidays.  We have been invited to Chrstmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner by the Sanders Family (same people for thanksgiving).  They are so wonderful, and are so helpful.  Real deciples of Jesus Christ.  I have no idea what we are doing the rest of the day.  Maybe tring to see the fatherless, the widows, and those who will just be alone for the Holidays.
I was watching the nativity last night with a recent convert, and I thought about Joseph.  Could you imagin, trying to find your new wife a place to stay and give birth to the Son of God, but could only find a manger?  Imagin what it would have been like to tell her that this is the only place where there is room.  How amazing the Christmas season is.
I Love you all!  Merry Christmas.
Elder Shurtz