Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Twenty-Seventh Email Of Elder Shurtz The Missionary
To The
Elder Shurtz, called to be a missionary of Jesus Christ through the will of God, to all his family and to the faithful in Christ Jesus:
What a great last week!  Tuesday we met with Craig, someone we met 8:45 at night with his son on the streets.  He is an awesome black man, who is just wanting to come closer to the Savior and help improve his life for his children. 
Wednesday, it was raining mightily hard.  After District meeting, Elder Potter and I went tracking for about an hour, and are pants were completely soaked by the time be got back in the car.  We grabbed to lunch and Subway as we went the the extended care building for some service.  As we where getting lunch and the rain turned to snow.  It was pretty bad (especially for a 2 wheel, 12-passenger van).
Friday, we was tracking in the city of Onieda and decided to drop into the funeral home to see if we could sign up and help out in any way.  The coordinator knew exactly who we were, had us come into his office, and showed us a scrapbook of missionaries from the 70's who used to stay at that funeral home!  There was some funny elders back in the 70's.  He asked us if we could give 5-10 minute speeches as funerals if they needed somebody, of which we said we could.  We also found a new investigator, Judy, who loves Glen Beck and is interesting in learning more about the church.  Her daughter next door said she would be interested too! 
Saturday, we got transfer calls.  Elder Potter and I thought for sure we were staying together.  But I guess not!  Elder Potter is being transferred south to a small town called Green.  My new companion is Elder Robinson*.  We switch tomorrow.  I went on exchange once or twice with him my first transfer.  It will be a learning and growing transfer.  I am excited.
Sunday it started snowing (and has not stopped since).  Hope did not make it to church for the second time in a row, but we did have Dana, an investigator we tracted into at 8:20 the same night we found Craig.  She is awesome.  A little uneasy because she had not gone to a church in years.  It is so amazing/joyous to see people progress closer to their Savior.
The First Presidency Message was amazing!  I am excited to focus more on the savior this Christmas Season, than my more selfish self in the years past.  What a great time to come closer to Him!
Yesterday it was still snowing (lots of it, but is is very light and it is drifting a LOT).  But we has people to see.  It is so amazing to see the hand of the Lord work, where we wont be outside in the cold everyday without end.  It seems like we are able to see more people on horrible days.  A blessing of the Lord.
Today is still snowing!  What a wonderful time of the year.  I love you all!
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.