Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Transfer Five

It is a new Transfer.  I can not believe I have been out for six months.  Where has the time gone?
I will be honest.  This will be an interesting transfer.  Elder Robinson has been out about 11 months, and we have different personalities and we work at different speed.  So I am going to learn much about patience, as well as working with different people.  It is an exciting time.
My new companion is Elder Robinson
I'm not going to write much, because I am short on time.
Amy came to church! and we are seeing her on Thursday.  We haven't been about to meet with her for about 3 weeks now, and so it will be good to see her again.  She KNOWS it is true and that she will be baptized.  It is the date that is the question.
Hope, did not come to church.  She is having a hard time to get a baby0sitter for the kids, especially since her husband does not want the kids involved.  But, we hope to meet with him this season and just meet him at least.
Dana, no real update there.  She did not come to church nor did we meet with her this last week.  But I hope this week.
It seems like we did not meet with too many investigators.  but we have found some awesome people who have the potential of becoming an investigator.  We have also been visiting a lot of less-actives, trying to straighten the 'root' of the tree (Jacob 5:73)
We had 2 less-actives come to church.  One who came 3 weeks ago, and haven't been to church in awhile.  I'm excited to see him come back, he [bro french] is so awesome!
I have been reflecting a lot on repentance and the atonement this week.  What a wonderful time of the year to come closer to our savior.  The president just happened to quote the scripture that has been in my head all week (D&C 18:13).  How much our Father loves us when we follow him, despite our past rebellion.  Feelings of fear towards repentance is Satan trying to hold us back.
I love you all.  Thank you for all that you do.  I hope to be getting a copy of all your Christmas cards this year!  'What a most wonderful time of the year'
Elder Shurtz