Monday, May 9, 2011

Things are picking up, in spite of these wretched bikes!

This week's bike update:  1 flat on Friday, 2 flats on Saturday.  And a wipe out Saturday morning.  (wrist and legs are sore, but I'm all good :)  We can now fix flats under 5 minutes!

We went on exchange on Tuesday and Friday, I worked with Elder Ivie, my now district leader and past Zone leader.  He is an amazing elder who I learn a lot from.

Kevin called on Wednesday, not too sure anymore, and feels more comfortable with his past traditional religion.  We hope to keep in contact and get him to church.

Bill, we saw Friday, and he read from the BOM.  a little hard for him to understand, but he really wanted to read about Jesus coming to the Americas, so we gave him some chapters.  He should be coming to church this week.

Jerry, we talked a bit about the Plan of Salvation.  should come to church this Sunday as well.

We met a new lady, her name is Shanna (not sure on spelling).  She let us in, but was verbally not too receptive, yet her body language seemed otherwise.  We felt we should continue meeting with her, of which she agreed to let us come back.  So we will see her on Wednesday.

A member of the church brought a co-worker to work!  He introduced us and we invited him to take the lessons.  He excepted, and we will see him on Saturday.  His name is Lawrence.

Elder Hall is doing well.  He is making a lot of progress, and I am excited.

I was so happy to talk Dad, Renae, and Katie yesterday.  It is strange that there are only 2 of those calls left!

Love you all!

Elder Shurtz