Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The World Didn't End, and I Never Killed Anyone Before!

I guess the world did not end on Saturday...  Well that's good news! :)

Last Monday - we started teaching Lawrance, and he wants to be baptized!  Lawrance is a co-worker with a Sister Hooper and Brother Stokes in the Navy.  He has a date for the 25th of June.  Awesome guy, rough past, but desire to receive peace.

Tuesday - we got a car!  We give it up tomorrow.

Thursday - We met with Jerry.  He liked church.  We also talked a lot about baptism.  We should be setting him with a date soon.

Friday - we had a lesson with Lawrance again.  Awesome guy!

Saturday - We found 2 new investigators.  Debbra is a horse trainer.  She is fun, travil a lot, and knows a few mormons.  We also taught Bill and started teaching his 8 year-old daughter.  Took them on a tour of the church building, and then taught them the word of wisdom.  They are already practically living it!

Sunday - Stake Conference with a broadcast from SLC.  Had President Eyring preside.  It was great!  Though no investigators!  Everyone one was working, or out of town with family. 

Transfer calls came.  I am leaving.  Headed up to Plattsburg.  Up North!  Guess president wanted to get me as far away as possible. :)  I believe there are senior missionaries there as well.  My new companion is Elder Perkins.  This is his last transfer, so I am 'killing him.'  Elder Hall's new companion is Elder Neal.  I feel like things are just picking up here, so now I'm sad to leave.  But I guess it is off to my next adventure!

Went to the national museum of dance this morning.  It was awesome!  Got a Micheal Jackson t-shirt.  ;)

I love you all, and wish you the best.

Elder Shurtz