Monday, May 2, 2011

What's In a Name?

Tons of emails this week!  Thank you everyone! 
I found another Wenatchee connection!  A YW leader, Megan Peterson, was roommates in college with Summer Lacy.
It is strange to think that it is already time to call home.  I will probably try to call around the same time as last time (9 here, 6 there).  But my companion will have to call both parents, so it might be a little later (like last time).
We found a great investigator.  His name is Jerry.  He actually came to church, but we forgot to tell him about clothing.  So when he showed up and saw everyone was dressed up, he did not want to stand out.  But, when we talked to him last night he said he has never seen people dress up for church before, and thought is was awesome.  We have an appointment with him on Tuesday.
Kevin McHale is ready for baptism.  He will not set a date yet because of fears because he has not told the parents about meeting with us, though he has talked a lot about the church with them.  So we asked him to talk to his parents, or at least let them know, he is meeting with us.  This past week he was randomly reading in Isaiah and came to 29:11-12 and realized immediately it related to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  He was so excited!  He is super smart and loves the church.
Things are going better.  Not so many bike problems, which is always a plus.
Zone Conference was awesome.  We got new phones, with a keyboard and everything.  President gave an awesome training on the gathering of Israel and our role in it.  I was thinking about the concept of names.  We had a name in the pre-existence, we received a name at birth and baby blessings, we take upon ourselves new names at baptism, and other covenants, etc.  Does it relate to the honor in a name, and when we take a new name we should show more reverence, loyalty, and zeal towards it?  It seems to be a principle or way of life, that is many times not taught (especially in the United States) to respect name, have honor for it, and to 'die' rather than destroy it.  President pulled out a part of Genesis when they would make a covenant they would split a calf in half, and walk in-between it and say let this happen to me, if I do not keep my promise, if I do not live up to my name.
I think it is awesome that missionaries are living at the house.  That will be such a great experience!  Enjoy it!
Well we got to get going.  I love you all.
Elder Shurtz