Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Great Easter!

This week has been an interesting one.  Rain one day, and sun the next.
We found a new investigator!  His name is Bill.  We found him, as we were checking on a member we did not know.  He has a open heart and has been looking for a church, so we are excited.  We also found a sweet potential in the middle of no-where, who we will be seeing on Wednesday.
I found out that one of the members here (Brother Snelson) was an EFY councilor when I was at Tacoma.
The Nimmo family is amazing!  Brother Nimmo was the bishop, but was released because his hearing declined.  He is now deaf.  I often wonder how that would be, knowing that you would be loosing your hearing; or any other of the 5 senses.  But, he and his wife learned sign-language and he is a good lip-reader.  We had dinner with them last Wednesday.  They also own two Motorcycle (Harley) and go out riding together in their 'gang.'  Yesterday, they took one of the bikes to church.  They said they got the bikes when they became empty-nesters.  So, I though it would be a good fun suggestion for Dad and Renae :-)
As we were on the bus the other day, a lady asked me if I keep my dentures in at night.  She was so amazing, when I told her they were my original teeth.  I was amazed because I think I forgot to bush my teeth that morning.
Easter Sunday we went over to the Springs for breakfast.  We had eggs and then we had an egg fight!  I almost won, but alas, I was defeated by sister Nicosi... We had an amazing meeting with the bishop (about 1.5 hours talking about Less-actives and how we could help).  Then went over to their house for dinner.  It was so good.
It is slow, but things will hopefully start picking up!
Love you all!
Elder Shurtz