Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Boy!

The weather here has been beautiful! Yesterday it was high 70's. Spring is here! We have been putting a lot of work on the bikes and with the generosity of the members here, we have two semi-working bikes. (Sunday night and Monday, my pedal came off. So I was pedaling with one pedal while Elder Stratton was behind pushing me).

It was Elder Stratton's six months this week. So, like tradition calls for, we burnt a tie (pictures next week).

So we had an awesome service project this week. So it all started when we decided to stop by a former investigator. She moved, but the one living there instead said we could come back and share a message with her. We went, and she was not there. A week latter, we decided to stop by because we were in the area. Outside of her place was the landlord. She abandoned the place, and it was trashed (and gross)! The landlord was from Russia and came over here for "freedom." We talked for a bit, and he said: 'This does not happen in Russia. If you do this you get killed. $50. It is very easy. Maybe if you find her first you can save her.' He went on saying he was going to find a Private Investigator... We asked if he would like some help cleaning up the place. He accepted, and we went over the next morning.

He was a little surprised to see that we actually came, but we helped throw away all the stuff. He was using a snow shovel and we were moving the heavy (sticky, gross, disgusting, etc) furniture and bedding. We talked for a bit, and he told us how he was a the hitman from Russia taking the $50 who probably would have been dead if he did not come over to the states. He is a big guy, but has a huge smile. He is now an Elder at a Russian church in Albany, and how converting to a christen changed his life. He was not too interested in our message, but we left on good terms. That's my most awesome service story yet!

Kevin is leaving for Spring Break this week, and Tom is wanting to give it a little more time before we see him again. So we are needing to find!

Transfer Calls was Saturday. President called me that morning and he wants me to train. So tomorrow I will go to Utica to drop Elder Stratton off, and pick up my new companion. Exciting times are ahead!

We got to run to catch the bus!

Sounds like everyone had fun for vacation. Thank you for the pictures!
I love you all, and I will have pictures next time!

Elder Shurtz