Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference is almost here!

It sounds like everyone had lots of fun this last week. Thank you for sharing with me the family memories.

Kevin came to church! We met with him on Wednesday on the High School Soccer field bleachers (It was soooo freezing cold!). He is a great young man. We are excited to work with him. He asked his parents if he could come to church, and they allowed him to come all three hours. We will see him again this week, and we hope his parents will let him come to at least some of general conference!

We also met with Tom (not Tim; typo on the last email). We went over the beginning half of the plan of salvation. He has lots of questions. I am amazed at the trust he has placed in us. He is generally more held back, but with us he is willing to talk about life he would normally keep to himself. It has been a wonderful spiritual experience for me personally. I have gained a greater love for him as we have shared our personal experiences of losing parents, and the comfort I have found in our Heavenly Father's plan.

As predicted, I am getting fed like no other, and the scale can not lie, no matter how much you might want it to. (though we still bought home made cookie-dough from the young women's fundraiser). Hopefully as I find a bike (winter destroyed the ones used last year), we can pound it. Besides, I am getting tired of hanging around the bus route and schedule. Yesterday we missed the last bus, so we had to call one of the ward members to help us out. The members are so awesome here.

I am so excited for conference! Who better to listen to than Prophets and Apostles called of God? My favorite part is at the beginning when the choir starts singing and the guy is announcing conference. Last conference I had Hope come to one on Sunday. Hopefully we will be able to get Kevin and Tom there this weekend. It is still strange to me that priesthood session does not start till 8 and ends at 10.

I love you all and your example. Every day I come to realize to a greater degree the necessity for guidance from our Father in Heaven. Your stories of sharing the gospel, and looking to God in directing your families have inspired me. I am so thankful for His love. It has become a strong source of comfort and direction in the mission field.
Have a great week!


Elder Shurtz