Monday, April 18, 2011

Bikes = pain, work, expensive, and a waste of time!

Me and my boy, Elder Hall
This has been an interesting past few days! We dropped Elder Stratton off in Utica on Wednesday, and picked up my new companion, Elder Hall. He is from Texas, did a summer term at BYU, and is big into sports and working out.
On Wednesday, we got back and ran to an appointment with Kevin. He is now on a Cruise, and wont be back till after Easter. So I am happy that we could have met with him.

So the pedal coming off the bike last week, turned into a bigger problem. To get it fixed well, it would take about 100 bucks, which is not worth it. We tried tightening, getting a new parts, having members take a look at it, but we all concluded: not good. Luckily we were able to get another bike running. Unluckily, that bike was stolen on Saturday (we also got a flat tire earlier that morning, luckily next to walmart).

So in conclusion, bikes are not fun.

Elder Hall is a good missionary. Though he does not seem to have too much fire, he is willing to work hard. We just need to find some people this week!

Training is hard, but I see a lot of growth ahead. It is interesting how I look forward to such growth opportunities.

I love you all. Keep in mind this week, as it was the last week of our Savior. Try to imagine what he would be going through today and every hour of this week. I love Him. He is my example of life, and I am so glad to serve Him.

Elder Shurtz