Monday, June 20, 2011

Boyd K. Packer!

Things seem to be working out, and moving!
Mark and Mindy, who we have been teaching, came to church.  We also had Amanda, a less-active young adult, who we have been working with there as well.  It was an awesome Fathers day service.  Great talks that our investigators could relate to easily, awesome Gospel Principles class of Gifts of the Spirit, and talking about Eternal Families in Priesthood.  We also had 98 people in Sacrament!
We are teaching 8 people right now.  6 of whom we have picked up in the last 3 weeks.  Mark, we have been teaching before I got here, and Mindy (his girlfriend) we just started teaching.  Nate is a member's fiance, who is planning on getting married in September.  Jamie and Leona are awesome people, with 6 kids.  The hard thing is going to be getting them to church because of other Sunday meetings.  Jessica was taught by missionaries in the past and is a great lady, with lots of potential.  Brian and Patty are boyfriend and girlfriend, who we hope to help out.
We had an awesome lesson with Amanda yesterday, where we talked about repentance.  We read Alma 36, then turned to D&C 130, talking about commandments and as we obey more the more blessings we receive then turned to D&C 18 which talks about the joy God and Jesus has when we repent.  The spirit was there, and she said she was going to repent of something (I don't know what). 
Elder Checketts is back in Lake Placid.  He left Saturday afternoon.  He is working with a VISA waiter going to Russia.  So hopefully he is here till we get another missionary, or we will have to work two areas again.  Before he left, we went on a blitz with the Zone Leaders (both work in our area with us).  It was awesome!  Had great lessons and got a lot done with one companionship of 2 and another of 3.  People looked a little scared as they saw 3 elders walking and two more riding past them on bikes.  'O NO!  THERE'S MORE OF THEM!'
I've never been in an area where we got yelled at or honked at so much.  I'm not sure how many are friendly vs not-so-friendly.  There are many college kids, and the college does not have a liking for the church (it is also one of the top party schools).  Our favorite yell this past week was from someone in a car passing yelling: 'Boyd K Packer!'  We don't know why him, but we got a good laugh out of it.
Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Shurtz