Monday, June 13, 2011

Mission Tech Support

It has been a crazy week.  Wednesday we went down to Lake Placid to work in our other area, but all our appointments fell through, so we did lots of tracting in the 80-90 degree weather. 
Thursday, President Bulloch trained at our district meeting on studying the scriptures - showing great examples of how symbolism and different poetic styles of speech can bring greater meaning to the scriptures.
On Monday, President called me and asked me to go down to Utica to fix the computers at the Mission Office.  They had two new computers they needed to set up, and their person in the ward who normaly helps with computers, does not have great computer skills to start with.  After District meeting on Thursday, President and Sister Bulloch took me to Albany (3.5 hours), where we met up with the AP's, who took me into Utica (2 hours).  In the car with President, he had me review all the directions the church gave, and basically told me I had free reign.  If I needed to buy something - buy it.  If I needed to use the internet - use it.  Don't do the morning program, or anything, just work on the computers and get them going.
I got into the mission office around 6 that night, and started working.  I had Elder Riedelbach (Senior Elder who works in the office) as my companion.  Started working and spent the night with the AP's who then dropped me off at the office at 8 the next morning.  I got all the computers working, and office staff happy by the end of the day.  President then asked for some help on his home computer recovering lost pictures and documents.  I finished around 10:15 Friday night, then slept at the mission home that night.  The next morning, President and Sister Bulloch drove me most of the way back to Plattsburgh and Elder Bradley from Plattsburgh drove me the rest of the way.
I'm glad I am back in the field.  Working on computers is fun, but missionary work is so more rewarding.  Saturday night, Lawrence Hooper, the investigator in Saratoga, just got baptized.  We originally had a date for the 25th of this month, but his date was moved to the 11th, because he was super prepared.
I was reading in Alma 30 and 31 this morning (first morning study since Thursday).  Elder Hall said if we don't do the simple things, we could end up like Korihor.  Then in 31, the Zoromites fall away because they would 'not keep the commandments.'  It is amazing how it is truly the scripture study, prayer, and church which keeps us on the right track. 
Elder Shurtz