Monday, June 27, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands!

Look at me go!

A year ago I was in Syracuse.  I remember it being so stink'n (and it did stink) hot!  Plattsburgh is a bit better, not really getting above 80's.  But it sure does rain a lot more.  This year has been a record high in rain fall.  The lake and rivers have been flooded the last month or two.
We met with Nate and Marky on Tuesday and set Nate with a baptismal date for the 17th of September (the week after his wedding).
Carlos and Shaunna are a young couple.  They both just lost their jobs in the last month, Shaunna is 6 months pregnant, and their house was set on fire Thursday night/Friday morning.  We did not know, till we rode by their house on Friday and Carlos was standing outside.  We got off our bikes and started helping salvage stuff.  Luckily, they lived on top, and they only got a lot of smoke and water damage.  Someone set fire to it (and 2 other homes and businesses that night) at the bottom.  We smelled so bad of smoke, we took showers during our lunch, then went back after a few appointments to help move the stuff to some storage.  They are doing so well.  Currently they are bouncing around place to place, but we will see what happens.  They are so awesome. 
Then the next morning we helped some random people move out for a few hours.  It drove me nuts because they did not know how to pack effectively, but they had us lift all the large and heavy stuff.  (no piano, which is always a plus)  I was so tired after that!
That night, we went to a graduation party of the daughter of the branch missionary leader.  It was strange, but thanks to Corrine, a sophomore back from Dixie, introducing us, we have two teenage girls we hope to start teaching this week.  One of the girls name was Mary.  She must have asked Corrine (who she did not meet till that night) what was up with the peeps in the shirt and ties, because Corrine, with a loud voice, starts talking about the church and how most of the people at the party are members, answering her questions about how we are Christian, and what missionaries do, and how she has been writing a few missionaries in the last couple of years.  We were introduced.  A little strange, because she asked if we could write each other, but awesome because when she found out we couldn't, she still accepted an invitation to learn more about the church.
Sunday, was awesome as well because we asked Sister Maulding's aide who has been coming to church with her, if she would like to take the missionary lessons (she has such a sweet spirit and awesome personality), which she said she would love too.  She has been loving church the past couple of weeks she has gone, and even started bringing her kids!  We also had 3 lessons with investigators, and dinner with the Branch President and his wife (both from Mexico), and two non-member friends they wanted to share the gospel with.  They are a little too excited, and share maybe a little too much, and the people are not all too interested.  But they are so excited to share.  And I feel they have gain a trust with us, to try and share the gospel with their friends.
Well, we got to get going.  Elder Perkins is leaving tonight from the Palmyra temple trip tomorrow and I am staying here with Elder Bowels (Zone Leader).  I got a lot of laundry today as well, and the spin cycle on our washer does not work!
Love you,
Elder Shurtz