Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Peppers, Cross-eyed Cat, and "[I'm] too cute to be Mormon"

Dear Everyone,

Time goes by so fast!  It has also been SOOOOO hot here.  It broke 100

some days (seems to be the days when we are outside almost all day
too).  We have wicked tan lines (especially our necks), and my face is
always red.  Often just stand at doors with sweat dripping down the
face (grooosss)!

We did not get to sit down with many of the people we are working

with.  Rebecca still has not come to church!  Carin, is doing awesome,
though she is gone this week on vacation.  We had an amazing lesson
with her on Thursday at the church with Brother O'Neil.  Members are
the key to missionary work!  It makes a HUGE differences when members
are involved.

We have been going out a lot into the neighborhood inviting people to

a blood drive this Thursday we are having at our church.  Last time
they only had 6 people.  We hope this works out better.

Today we made stuffed green peppers for lunch.  YUMMM!  It was good stuff.

As we were trying to contact a less-active, we both look up from the

door, and there was a cat looking at us cross-eyed!  It was the most
talented cat I have ever met!  I just give myself headaches whenever I
try to cross my eyes.

We went tracting on Tuesday a little bit on the outskirts of

Plattsburgh.  Came to this one house, with 3-4 high school/college
girls.  They were a little crazy, and when we told them we were
Mormons, one of the girls (blond coincidentally) seemed so surprised
and said "But, you're too cute to be Mormons!"  We couldn't help but laugh!

We are also regenerating the branch mission plan.  We hope it gets

rolling!  As part of it, we are going to be teaching a 3 week Sunday
school class talking about how to do missionary work.  We hope to have
the first class at the beginning of the month..

Zone Conference is this Thursday!  It is going to be intense!  I hear

President is going to 'lay it down' with the spirit.  I think Zone
Conferences are one of the best meeting we have in the church.

It sounds like a great rest of the summer is planned for everyone!  I

am a little envious of swimming, water, and jet-skis right now, so
please forgive me.  :)

Hope you all have a spiritually uplifting week!

-Elder Shurtz