Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweat for Jesus

It has been a way better week!  It has been soooo warm.  The humidity
was unbearable on Tuesday, bugs just attack us all day.  We generally
find a bug or two crawling on us at night when we sit down and plan.
Elder Rammell is still not quite use to it yet.

Thursday at district meeting, the Zone Leaders introduced us to a new

way of study.  All the companionships are getting portable DVD
players to study Preach My Gospel DVD for personal/companion study.
The church has found it improves our teaching, and is helpful for new
missionaries coming in.  In August the MTC is changing it's curriculum
to focus more on teaching skills (Called the 8 Fundamentals of
Teaching).  It was introduced to us a year ago in the mission field,
so that we could get up to speed on it when the new missionaries came

Funny experience this week:  A young couple on bikes came up to us and

started talking to us.  They used to be body trainers for Hollywood actors and others.  They quit that and went to Hawaii where they filmed a work-out video centered on Jesus.  They have been traveling the world, and are now in Plattsburgh.  They call
themselves Apostles for 'Sweat for Jesus.'  Very interesting couple.
On one side of their business card they have a phrase: 'Are you Fit For God?'

We taught Rebecca on Monday, and took her on a church tour on Friday

night with Brother and Sister Judd.  She has had a lot of fear about
Churches so this was good for her.  She was going to come to church,
but she got sick that morning.  So hopefully next week.

Mary has been in Canada this past week so no real update there.

We also started teaching a Mrs. Edmund.  We will see her again this Wednesday.

Jamie and Leona still have not come to church.  I know it must be hard

with 5 kids, but I sure hope they will come!

Met with Carin on Thursday and had a great lesson on the Plan of

Salvation.  She also came to church with her two kids!  She was a
little tired with trying to keep them calm, but she keeps coming

We also started teaching Nate and Marky the lessons again, which seems

like the right move.

Love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Elder Shurtz