Monday, July 11, 2011

Words of Mormon 1:7

Hello, Hello, Hello!

4th of July was great.  The picnic was fun; spent most of the time

playing volleyball.  The picture is with Diane and Eve who was
baptized my first week here.  We also started teaching this sweet 40
year-old lady.  Her name is Rebecca.  She is a little dyslexic but
loves reading from the Book of Mormon.  We hope to get her to church
this weekend.  She grew up being told by her family that Jesus did not
love her because of her handicap, and is scared to go to church.
(Luckily, our church buildings don't look like Catholic church
buildings, so hopefully that will help her)

The rest of the week was full of appointments falling through and tracting:

Nate - we couldn't meet for some reason or another.
Jamie and Leona - we saw Saturday.  Read a little from the Book of
Mormon with them, and said they would come to church.  (they did not
show up, but hopefully this Sunday).
Carin - we had to cancel because our ride fell through at the last
minute, so we wont see her till Thursday again.  But she came to
church!  We talked about Fasting in gospel principles, and apparently
she fasted last Fast Sunday.
Mary - had to cancel on us on Thursday because of some family things,
and she got strep throat Sunday morning.

Elder Rammell came out last September.  He was here for two transfers,

then went back home.  But he spent a couple of months with the
missionaries in California, near where he is from.  This transfer is
him coming back out.  He is a good missionary.  Give me another week
before I am comfortable with him; he has a little bit of pride to work
though. :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Shurtz

-Elder Rammell on his bike
-The lake we wanted to jump into as we were riding along side it.
-Diane and Eve Seals.  They were baptized my first week here.
-Elder Bradley (senior missionary) playing horse shoes at the picnic.
-Amanda.  Member of the branch we visit.
-Mary is the girl to the right.  Karin is her friend, and daughter of
the mission leader.  Elder Perkins.  Sammee, another friend.