Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday and a Baptism

It has been a busy one!
Monday we went to the Corning Museum of Glass.  It was awesome.  We saw somebody make a glass plate straight from the melting pot.

I then brought Elder Tollefson back to Elmira to work with me.  This is his first transfer, and he is an amazing missionary.  He will do a lot.  After district meeting I then worked with Elder Wilkins who is working in Owego.  He is enthused about the gospel, and is very polite.  He is going to be training this next transfer (Transfer day is on Wednesday.)

Elder Duffin and I then had fun working together again on Wednesday evening, visiting the Meachams, finalizing plans for the baptism.  They shared a story with us on how they realized one of the families who use to babysit for them were Mormons, and they did not find out till this past week.  It is fun to see them recognize how the Lord has been preparing them for their baptism.

Thursday morning I went to Ithaca to work with Elder Stratton. We had fun.  We taught a lady from China who is going to Ithaca for college.  We focused on recognizing the spirit, since she has never had a religion in her life before.  I hope to see her progress.  We had the lesson with the Branch President and his wife in Ithaca.  It just so happens to be Heather Merrill's in-laws.  So that was a nice surprise.

Friday, we made cookies for an investigator they have been having a hard time getting into, and we got in!  Had a small lesson, then went our way to meet up with the other missionaries at the church.  Elder Duffin and I had a second transfer training for Sister Smith, one of the sister missionaries in Ithaca.  The sisters always have a great spirit [they even made me a cake for my birthday!].  Then we met up with the Elders and went got some wings. YUMMM!  Elder Duffin and I then went home, did some weekly planning, and then worked the rest of the day (lunch was too much for us to eat any dinner).

Saturday was awesome!  The baptism was great!  Well attended.  Besides the little boy hitting his head on the pew, and bleeding quite a bit, it went well.  (He is fine now).  The stake president give a talk on baptism, and his niece did a wonderful musical number.  Then Elder Duffin and I were given the privilege of baptizing them.  Elder Duffin baptized Brother Meacham and Grace (9), while I baptized Sister Meacham and Georgia (11).  The spirit was strong.

That night Elder Duffin took me out to Chili's, in celebration of my birthday.  Just by chance, our ward mission leader was their with his family, and bought us dessert.  (Such a good guy).

We also had transfer calls Saturday night!  Elder Duffin and I are staying together.  Both of my sons (elders I trained), Elder Simmonds, and Elder Hall are going to be training this transfer.

Sunday the Meachams were confirmed.  They are glowing.  Tonight, we have dinner with them.

We also stopped by a less-active member who lives in the middle of nowhere.  At first he was very friendly, but then he went into a rampage of why the church is not true, and all this anti-stuff.  It is scary how dark someone can get when they once had so much light.

This week we are excited for Zone Leader Council!  I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Shurtz