Monday, March 19, 2012

Men in Black

It has been a good week.  The weather has been in the 60-70's about all week!  It has even hit 80!  This week, I hear, is supposed to do the same.

Monday we went to dinner with Bro Meacham (the girls were sick, Sister Meacham stayed home with them).  Tuesday we picked up a new investigator, Jim.  He is an awesome older gentleman.  Humble, and kind.  We are seeing him again on Wednesday.

Thursday we taught Brother Chocolate's grandkids again.  They have a hard time staying focused, but they do know a lot.

Thursday night we drove up to Auburn and spent the night with them.  Because they were in a threesome it made it 5 elders in the apartment.  We had to get up at 5:20 so we could all shower and get to Utica on time at 9 am for Zone Leader Conference.

ZLC was great!  President is feeling his time is short, and has a lot to share.  It is amazing to listen to Him teach from the scriptures, and to feel the spirit radiate from him.  I know President Bulloch is one of the reasons why I came to this mission.

After ZLC we stopped in Ithaca for the night, because we had an interview to do there on Saturday morning.  We went tracting since the other elders were in a lesson.  Apparently we scared a little girl who does not answer the door very often.  She was so frightened that she called the police!  As we were at the church the next day, the mother called to see if it was us (I left a card at the door).  Luckily the mother was very nice about it.  Her daughter described us as guys with trench coats on.  What a frightful imagination she has to assume we meant her harm!

Saturday we had an awesome lesson with Sister Cleary and her non-member husband on Jabob 1-4.  They both really liked it, and was probably one of the best lessons we have had with Brother Cleary.  Sister Cleary is a great lady, and Brother Cleary is easy to talk to.

Yesterday was Stake Conference.  It was probably one of the best ones I have been to!  Both President and Sister Bulloch spoke (probably since it was the last stake conference before they go home).  The whole stake conference was on 'let your light shine forth.'
We did not have any investigators come though.  grrrrrr...

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Tomorrow we go on a blitz with the APs and we need to get next week's training ready for when we go visit all the districts.  I'm going to enjoy the weather!

Elder Shurtz