Monday, March 26, 2012

What's the Catch?

It has been a busy week, but yet I do not have too many stories to tell.  The weather has been wonderful until today when it dropped back down to the 30's.

Monday we started teaching a former investigator, Steve.

Tuesday we went on blitz with the Assistant to the Presidents after district meeting.  Elder Williams and I taught an awesome lady from Jamaica, Mazie.

We had a great lesson with a lady who has been investigating the church for the past 9 years, but has not been baptized because her husband won't let her.  She has read the Book of Mormon 3 times.  She has read the Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants, and is now reading the Old Testament.  We had Brother Duke come with us from the bishopric, and he was able to introduce himself to the husband who was just getting in as we were leaving.

We also had a good talk with Jim, who we picked up last week.  He is a good guy.

Thursday we had a lesson with Yolanda on the Atonement.  You could tell she really felt the spirit there.

Friday got a phone call from a lady we gave our number to about Christmas time.  She needed some help with some yard work, and her health would not allow her do it.  So we went over and did some work for her.  We are going back next week as well.  It is interesting when she called, because she made sure to say she does not want 'any long sermons,' but when we went over we had a nice conversation about our beliefs with her.  She kept asking us 'whats the catch' no one just comes and does service for free.  She has seen a lot of hypocrisy in the past, and lots of fake people and churches, so that led her away from religion, but I think she is curious about ours.  It will be fun to see what happens there.

We also read Jacob 5-6 with Brother and Sister Cleary.  They loved the allegory of the olive tree (being the teachers they are).

Saturday we had 5 appointments lined up, and all of them fell through!  Frustrating day.  Sunday we had 2 investigators at church.

This morning, Brother Cleary (who is not a member) took us out to see some of the historical sites around town.  We went to the national cemetery, which is the only place in the northern states, where the south did not come remove their soldiers' bodies back south because they feel they were properly buried.  We also went to Mark Twain's grave.  Brother Cleary is a great guy.  He has learned a lot through his studies.  He has a hard time though with believing in Jesus Christ.  But both Elder Duffin and I love to talk with him, and the ward members love him as well.

This week will be busy, and I am so excited for General Confrence.  Tomorrow we have two district meetings to train in.  Then on Wednesday we have one more.  Then after that, we are going on exchange. WOOT!

Elder Shurtz