Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Proclamation - Amazing!

Hello!  The weather here has been amazing!  This weekend it was in the 80's.

Tuesday we had zone conference!  It was amazing.  President gave some training that I remember from my first zone conference which I thought it was fitting seeing that this was my last.

We also visited the New York State Museum on Monday before a meeting that night.  It was amazing to see.  Lots of stuff.  And it was free!  I will include some pictures.

On Friday we had a good lesson with the Brittons (the family we have been teaching).  We went through the Plan of Salvation.  They loved it and asked about families, so we shared the Proclamation to the World.  We first asked if they had any questions, and the wife said that if they were going to join our church they would like to know more about it (SWEET).  Then We asked if there is anything that we can do for them, and the husband answered 'just keep coming back' (AWESOME).  They have 4 children, 1 over the age of 8 (she is a teenager) whom we have not met yet.

Sunday they did not come to church, however :(  They feel a little hesitant with 4 kids. 

Mothers day was awesome.  We had great dinners with members.  And of course, talking on the phone with family is always a treat!

Well, Love you all and hope you have a great one!