Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Hours of Biking, While Fasting = Not a Good Idea

Hello Family!

It has been a slow week all together.  But some good things are ahead, I believe.  This transfer we have set a mission goal to find 500 new investigators (about 2 per area).  We had a mission-wide fast this past weekend to help us reach our goal.

Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with a family we picked up last week.  They are planning on coming to church this Sunday!  It was a good lesson, where the spirit was felt and 'minds enlightened.'  We took our mission leader Bro. Kosorek.
We also talked to the branch about doing a fellowship activity, and on June 1st, we will be doing some form of a game night.  It will be a good experience for us all.

Friday I went on exchange in Albany with the Zone Leaders (one of those apartment buildings hold more people than we have in our entire area).  They live right above a member's dental office so it brought back memories as I smelt the area of a dental office.  It was fun being in a zone leader area again.  Many of the Zone Leaders liked the posters, so we are looking into making more of them.  We found a good deal with one printer in the Albany area.  We will see if the mission will be willing to fund it. 

We have also done a lot of biking (note: 5 hours of biking, while fasting = not a good idea).  We have 1200 miles, but it seems so little with a trip to Albany every week, and with everyone being so spread out.  We might be looking into moving so we can be closer to Coxsockie, which is the closest to a town I think we get.  The problem is, it is in the farthest east part of our area.

The branch president has given us some names of less-actives to try, but so far only a handful have been receptive.  (We already were given a list by the branch of members who will pull a gun out on us if we stop by).  I truly believe the most growth is going to happen if we can get into Coxsockie more often.

Ernie, who was the guy that was a little contentious with us at the door last Sunday, we went back and visited.  It wasn't a good time, but he had lots of questions, and even took a Book of Mormon this time!  It will be exciting to continue our visits with him.

Today we are headed to Albany for a district leader training, and interviews with president (and a temple recommend interview for me) then tomorrow we have zone conference!  It will be president's (and mine) last zone conference.  How sad!  I am excited to go to the temple while he is still here.  (I think we are going on the 29th of May).  I believe we are going to be the last group to go with him.

On Mother's Day I am planning on calling around 9pm our time (6pm back home).  We have horrible cell coverage in our area, so we are the only missionaries with a landline.  So I will call the house with the cell phone (because it is the only number I remember) and then you will have to call the landline with your cell phone.  (landline #: 518-966-4047)

I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Shurtz