Monday, May 21, 2012

Got a Date!


We have had two lessons this week with the Brittons, but they were a no show at church! :(  We NEED to get members at the lessons, but that has proven to be difficult for them.  Nevertheless, the lessons have been going good.  We set the husband with a date for baptism, but were not able to with the wife solely because she had to help the kids go to bed.  This week though...

I was hoping they would come, especially since I told them I was going to be speaking in Sacrament meeting.  The other speaker was a High Councilman, so I thought that was funny that I will be doing the same thing in about a month.  It was probably a good thing that they did not come to church though, because after 2nd hour, the branch president canceled the last hour because the sewage system was backed up, and apparently you can't have church without a working toilet?

On Saturday and Sunday the temperatures were in the 80's and it was super humid.  I definitely don't have the enthusiasm I once had two summers ago in Syracuse to ride hours on a bike up and down hills drenched in sweat.  On Saturday, we went to Coxsockie to only find everyone in town all downtown at a beer festival.  We didn't have too much success in town that night.  But we did meet a nice man who is helping keep his church up and running, who said to stop by sometime.

Tuesday we worked in Albany downtown, because Elder Bowles sprained his ankle, so he stayed in with Elder King as I went out with Elder Gasetoto.  It was fun to be in the capital.

We also did a lot of service.  We moved wood for a member.  We helped plant a garden for a less-active member, and we put up insulation for a non-member.  I love being able to help out with stuff like that (except breathing in fiberglass).

On Friday the first councilor's dog got into some rat poison, but they were able to get help, and the dog is now doing better.  Note to self: rat poison = bad stuff.


Elder Shurtz

PS: Next week is Memorial Day, and the library will be closed, then on Tuesday I go to the temple, so if I am able to email, it probably won't be until Wednesday.