Monday, February 7, 2011

By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass

Small little things all week:
We met with Jaymie and Alicia on Wednesday.  Talked about the Word of Wisdom.  They said they are willing to give up her coffee.  Nothing big for them.  They also came (with Chris [husband] and a friend of Alicia's) to a Volley-ball activity we had with another branch on Saturday.  It was a blast.  They really enjoyed it.  They did not come to church though.  Lots of 'stuff' going on.  But hopefully next week.
We also met with Heather again! (Lady who lost her Father two months ago).  She got sick on Sunday, so did not come to church.  Next week though!
Hope, we set a baptismal date!  the 26th of February.  She still needs her interview and needs some encouragement, but she said she is willing to shoot for that date.  She was a church Sunday, and stayed all three hours.
This week the handle to the driver side door broke.  We just got it fixed.  I'm so glad I don't have to jump through the back or the passenger side anymore in 'shamoo.'  It must have looked strange in a huge twelve passenger van.
Zone Conference was great.  Talked about obtaining the word and spirit.  A lot of focus on focusing on the ministry.
Monday we also helped this lady get out of a snow bank. (after somebody, who looked drunk, tried to push her out with a snow plow, getting stuck himself, and doing damage serious damage to the bumper and rear light).  Never know what you will be doing as a missionary. 
Had a lady answer a door we knocked on and after introducing ourselves she asked us why her grandchild had to die (sort of mad).  Always interesting circumstances, but we gave powerful testimony about our Savior's plan for us.  She said we could come back. 
Hope you have a great week!
Elder Shurtz